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I know you.

You're sick of side-hustling your personal brand to bootstrapreneur your first million et ceteras. You're tired of the overclocked half-baked self-help-y life-hack-y productivity treadmill.

You just want to create something beautiful, share the good life, maybe have some fun, maybe someday make a living doing it.

Well, you're in luck. Potentially.

I'm Ben Y. Faroe, and it turns out they'll let just anybody start a publishing company.

I started out knowing nothing about any of this, but I'm a quick learner and—let's not sugarcoat it—totally compulsive about practically everything, and after plenty of experimenting, overthinking, late nights, glorious victories, and dubious decisions, I'm here to let you in on the fun.

Join me as I forge boldly ahead, openly discuss my mistakes and milestones, stay up way too late, and generally pummel, ponder, and Google my way to creative victory.

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